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Welcome to marciART, featuring the contemporary jewelry and art work of Marci Margolin Hirsch.  With over 25 years experience in metalwork and the arts Marci has developed a signature style that sets her jewelry and art apart.  All of her  work is original, designed and created in her studio in Memphis, TN. Many of her designs are one-of-a-kind…all are unique and distinctive.

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My etsy shop is the perfect place to find what’s new from my studio. I am constantly updating my shop with new works and just finished designs. All work is available for purchase and ready to ship. All sales are easily handled through etsy. Feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in custom designs.

Also in the studio

I’m excited to share some of my other works with you!

I enjoy exploring new materials and imagining the many possibilities for creating new projects. In addition to jewelry, I am working on other projects including mixed media paintings and one of a kind Judaica pieces.  Contact me for more information about this work.

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I’ve always been intrigued with the objects we collect in our lives, thinking about what makes them meaningful. Many times it has little to do with function and much to do with a nostalgic longing. As a studio artist I found myself drawn to the intimate world of jewelry. Jewelry called to me as a way to make personal, portable works of art. I hope there is a special connection between my pieces and the people who enjoy them.

My work is heavily influenced by nature. I am especially drawn to seeds and flowers because of their connection to the life cycle and the strong symbolism they convey to me in regards to birth, life and a sense of hope, continuance and survival. Equally relevant to me is the fact that in order to appreciate nature, the complexity of a flower, the fragility of a seed, I am forced to stop, slow down, really focus on the details, something I don’t do often enough in my busy life.

My work is designed for living a life full of meaning and love. My designs are created to last a lifetime.

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I create my jewelry using the traditional metalsmithing techniques I studied in college and graduate school.  One thing I enjoy about working with metal is that there are always new skills and techniques to discover, and I’m always finding new possibilities for my work.  It is a life long learning process and I love the time I spend creating in my studio!

All about tagua nut

All about tagua nut

Many of my jewelry pieces are created with tagua nut, a natural, environmentally-friendly material which is similar to ivory. It grows in rain forest environments and is often used to make buttons and beads.  You can work with tagua nut the same way you would work with ivory.  I carve, paint and stain the nut in my studio, so no two pieces are exactly the same and all of the work has a one-of-a-kind look. I have been working with tagua nut for over 25 years and am always amazed by the versatility of this unique material.

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